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Monthly Car Rental

AED 79 /day

AED 2299 /mo.

AED 69 /day

AED 2070 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1470 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1470 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1490 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

Monthly Car Rental

Experience hassle-free monthly car rentals in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable vehicle without long-term commitments. Our affordable plans cater to your needs, making transportation easy and flexible. With a diverse fleet and straightforward booking process, discover the city at your own pace. Experience comfort and reliability with us today!

Monthly car rental brands with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Lamborghini: Elevate your month with the Lamborghini, available rent a car in Dubai from Houston Rent a Car. This high-performance marvel boasts an impressive top speed. It delivers a thrilling and dynamic driving experience throughout your stay in Dubai.

Bentley: Enjoy opulence on the roads with the Bentley, a monthly rental option from our company in Dubai. With substantial horsepower, this model ensures a refined and powerful journey. It embodies the perfect blend of luxury and performance for its lovers.

Cadillac: Cruise through our month in style with the Cadillac it offers comfort and speed. This monthly rental from Houston Rent a Car in Dubai provides a smooth and luxurious ride. Bentley’s rental cars makes them an ideal choice for those who appreciate a perfect performance.

Ferrari: Experience the pinnacle of speed and agility with the Ferrari available for monthly rental in Dubai from us. This iconic model promises an exhilarating drive. You can enjoy unmatched performance with the prestіge of the Ferrari brand from us.

BMW: Navigate the city with sophistication by choosing BMW for your monthly rental from Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. BMWs offer a harmonious blend of speed and precision. They provide a luxurious and dynamic driving experience throughout the entire month.

Locations for Monthly car rental in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car

Rent a Car Dubai:

Discover convenient monthly rent a car in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car. Our company offers a diverse fleet to explore the city’s vibrant streets at your own pace. Experience hassle-free mobility with flexible options at our Rent a Car Dubai location.

Rent a Car Ajman:

Enjoy the freedom of a monthly rental with Houston Rent a Car in Ajman. Where our diverse fleet meets your transportation needs seamlessly. Explore Ajman’s attractions and beyond with ease, thanks to our reliable car rental options.

Conditions to rent monthly car with Houston Rent a Car

Valid Driver’s License:

To avail of our company’s monthly car rental in Dubai, a valid driver’s license is a prerequisite. It ensures that renters meet the legal requirements for operating a vehicle during the rental period.

Security Deposit:

A security deposit is required for monthly car rentals with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. It serves as a precautionary measure against potential damages or violations during the rental period. This deposit is refundable upon the satisfactory return of the vehicle.

Minimum Age Requirement:

Renters must meet the minimum age requirement specified by Houston Rent a Car for monthly car rentals in Dubai. It ensures that drivers possess the necessary experience and maturity to safely operate.

Why monthly rental cars in Dubai?

Opting for a monthly rent a car in Dubai it offers convenience and flexibility. Say goodbye to daily hassles and enjoy a reliable vehicle for an eхtended period. With Houston Rent a Car, you get the freedom to explore the city without the commitment of a long-term lease. Simplify your transportation needs and experience the benefits of monthly car rentals in Dubai.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Enjoy the freedom to explore Dubai at your own pace with our company’s monthly rentals. Houston Rent a Car provides flexible options tailored to your schedule and preferences.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Experience cost savings and budget control with our monthly car rentals in Dubai. Our company ensures an economical and efficient transportation solution for an extended stay.

Diverse Fleet Selection:

Choose from a diverse fleet of high-quality vehicles at Houston Rent a Car. We cater to your specific needs and preferences for a comfortable monthly rental experience in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions

Houston Rent a Car allows vehicle changes within the monthly rental duration. Our company offers flexibility to accommodate changing preferences or needs.

Yes, our monthly car rental packages in Dubai cover routine maintenance. We ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers throughout their eхtended rental period.

Houston Rent a Car offers comprehensive insurance options for monthly rentals. Our company provides peace of mind with coverage tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Houston Rent a Car allows the inclusion of additional drivers. Our company provides flexibility for multiple individuals to share driving responsibilities during the monthly rental.

In the event of a breakdown or emergency, Houston Rent a Car offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Our company ensures prompt support and solutions to keep our customers on the mоve during their monthly rental period.