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KIA Rentals


KIA Rent a car in Dubai 

Explore with ease with KIA rent a Car in Dubai through Houston Rent a Car. Discover the city in style and comfort with our reliable rental services. From sedans to SUVs, we hаve the perfect cars for your аdventure. Enjoy hassle-free bookings, affordable rates, and exceptional customer service. Make your Dubai journey memorable with KIA Rent a Car from us.

Why rent a KIA car in Dubai?

Rent a KIA in Dubai for a smooth ride in style. KIA cars offer comfort, reliability, and modern features which make your journey enjoyable. From compact models to spacious SUVs, our company has KIA rental for every need in Dubai. Experience the cityscape with confidence and convenience. Choose KIA for a memorable Dubai drive, blending performance and comfort seamlessly.

KIA rental models with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

KIA Sportage:

Experience sporty and versatile KIA Sportage from Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. With a top speed of 120 mph, it combines style and safety seamlessly for the car lovers.

KIA Seltos:

Compact yet powerful, the KIA Seltos rent a car in Dubai delivers agile performance. Its top speed of 115 mph, coupled with advanced safety features ensures a secure and enjoyable journey.

KIA Optima:

Enjoy elegant and efficient KIA Optima with Houston Rent a Car, a sedan that exudes sophistication. Achieving a top speed of 130 mph, it provides a comfortable and stylish ride in Dubai.

KIA Carnival:

The KIA Carnival rental model is perfect for family adventures in Dubai. With a top speed of 120 mph, it also boasts spacious interiors. It also offers advanced entertainment features, ensuring a delightful travel experience.

KIA Telluride:

Unleash luxury with the KIA Telluride rental, offering a top speed of 130 mph. This SUV combines power and comfort, making it an ideal choice for exploring Dubai’s diverse landscapes.

KIA car types to rent in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car 


Option for a KIA sedan rental for a stylish and comfortable drive in Dubai. These vehicles are perfect for both city commuting and longer journeys.


Experience versatility and space with KIA SUV rentals from Houston Rent a Car. Ideal for families or groups, these SUVs provide ample room. They also offer advanced features to car lovers for a memorable Dubai аdventure.

Economy Cars:

Navigate Dubai’s busy streets with ease by choosing a KIA economy car rental. These vehicles offer fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability. They make them well-suited for urban driving in this vibrant city.

Benefits when rent a KIA in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car


Enjoy cost-effective KIA rentals with Houston Rent a Car, ensuring a budget-friendly option for your Dubai travel.


Experience dependable transportation with our KIA vehicles, known for their reliability and performance in Dubai.

Fuel Efficiency:

Benefit from our KIA’s fuel-efficient models, saving on costs and reducing environmental impact during your travels.

Modern Features:

Access advanced technology and modern features in KIA rentals. Our company enhances your comfort and convenience while exploring Dubai.


Rent a Car in Ras Al Khaimah:

Explore Ras Al Khaimah with ease by renting a KIA car from Houston Rent a Car. Conveniently located, our service in Ras Al Khaimah ensures a reliable rental experience for your travels.

Rent a Car in Sharjah:

Experience Sharjah with comfort and style by choosing a KIA rental from Houston Rent a Car. Our Sharjah location offers easy access to quality vehicles, providing you with the perfect transportation solution.


Daily Car Rental:

Enjoy the flexibility of daily KIA rent a car in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car. Whether for a quick city tour or a short business trip, our daily rental service ensures convenience. We also ensure affordability and a range of KIA models to suit your needs.

Monthly Car Rental:

Option for long-term convenience with our monthly KIA car rental service in Dubai. Ideal for eхtended stays or business assignments, this service offers cost-effective solutions. Our company offers a variety of KIA cars and the flexibility to adapt to your evolving transportation needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Rent a KIA Car for Off-Road Adventures in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car offers select KIA models suitable for off-road excursions. Our company provides a unique and adventurous experience beyond the city limits.
  • Are Luxury KIA Models Available for Rent at Houston Rent a Car?
    Absolutely, indulge in sophistication with our premium KIA models. We deliver luxury features and a stylish driving experience for your stay in Dubai.
  • What Safety Measures Are Implemented in KIA Rentals at Houston Rent a Car?
    Your safety is our priority. Our KIA rentals in Dubai come equipped with advanced safety features and each vehicle undergoes thorough maintenance.
  • Is Roadside Assistance Included in KIA Rentals with Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, enjoy peаce of mind with our complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance service.