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Nissan Rentals


Nissan Rent a car in Dubai

Discover the convenience of Nissan rent a car in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car. Enjoy easy travels with our reliable vehicles and explore the city affordably. Our fleet of Nissan cars ensures a smooth ride for every journey. Experience the freedom of mobility with Houston Rent a Car, your trusted partner for hassle-free car rentals in Dubai.

Why rent a Nissan car in Dubai?

Nissan rent a car in Dubai offers a blend of comfort and style. With Houston Rent a Car, experience the reliability and efficiency of Nissan vehicles in Dubai. Whether you’re cruising the city or exploring scenic spots, Nissan ensures a smooth ride. Our affordable rates make it convenient for your travel needs. Choose our company for a hassle-free and enjoyable driving experience in Dubai.

Nissan rental models with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Nissan Altima:

Smooth and sleek our rental Altima offers a comfortable ride with a top speed of 130 mph. It accommodates up to five passengers, making it perfect for family outings.

Nissan Patrol:

With Powerful Patrol from Houston Rent a Car you can enjoy off-road adventures in Dubai. It has a top speed of 124 mph, it comfortable seats seven passengers that is ideal for group travels.

Nissan Sentra:

Stylish and fuel-efficient, the Sentra is our perfect Nissan rental model w\9ith a top speed of 124 mph. It accommodates five passengers, making it an economical choice for small groups.

Nissan X-Trail:

Versatile and rugged, the X-Trail is designed for аdventure and offers top speed of 124 mph. It comfortably accommodates five passengers, making it an excellent choice for those seeking comfort.

Nissan Sunny:

The Sunny is ideal for city commuting With a top speed of 109 mph. It comfortably seats five passengers, offering a budget-friendly option for solo travelers.

Nissan car types to rent in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car 


Experience the elegance and comfort of Nissan sedans, perfect for city drives and long journeys alike.


Explore the versatility of Nissan SUVs, combining power and space for a seamless urban or off-road adventure.

Compact Cars:

Enjoy the efficiency of Nissan compact cars, ideal for navigating busy city streets with ease.

Services when rent Nissan in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car

Daily Rental Service:

Experience the flexibility of daily rental service with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. Choose from our diverse Nissan fleet, ensuring you hаve the perfect vehicle for each day.

Monthly Rental Service:

Unlock cost-effective mobility with our monthly rental service. Enjoy the convenience of a Nissan car for an eхtended period with our company/ We provide a budget-friendly solution for your long-term stay in Dubai. Flexible terms and reliable vehicles make your monthly rental hassle-free.


Rent a Car Dubai:

Conveniently pick up your Nissan rental in Dubai with our Rent a Car in Dubai location. Easily accessible, our service center ensures a smooth start to your exploration of the city’s vibrant attractions.

Rent a Car Sharjah:

Experience the ease of renting a Nissan in Sharjah through our Rent a Car Sharjah location. Strategically situated, this service point offers quick access to your chosen vehicle. Our company makes your journey through Sharjah and beyond comfortable and efficient.


Affordable Rates:

Enjoy budget-friendly Nissan car rentals in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car. Our company offers competitive rates to make your journey cost-effective and efficient.

Diverse Fleet:

Experience versatility with our diverse fleet of Nissan cars, ensuring you find the perfect vehicle for your specific needs.

24/7 Support:

Rest easy with round-the-clock customer support from Houston Rent a Car. Our company provides assistance whenever you need it during your Nissan rental in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a specific model of Nissan for my rental in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, our premium service allows you to specify your preferred Nissan model. Our company ensures a tailored and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Are there any exclusive perks for long-term Nissan rentals in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car?
    Absolutely, eхtended rentals with Houston Rent a Car offer exclusive benefits. We include discounted rates and additional amenities for a seamless long-term stay.
  • What measures are in place for vehicle maintenance and cleanliness at Houston Rent a Car?
    We prioritize regular maintenance, ensuring every Nissan car you rent in Dubai meets the highest standards of cleanliness.
  • Can I modify my rental duration or make last-minute changes to my reservation?
    Flexibility is key with Houston Rent a Car. You can easily adjust your rental duration or make last-minute changes to your reservation. Our company provides you with a stress-free experience in Dubai.
  • How does Houston Rent a Car ensure customer privacy and data security?
    Your privacy matters, Houston Rent a Car employs advanced security measures to safeguard customer information. Our company ensures a secure and confidential Nissan rental process in Dubai.