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Bentley Rentals


Bentley Rent a Car in Dubai

Cruise the vibrant cityscape in a luxurious Bentley with Houston Rent a Car impressive fleet. Experience the epitome of sophistication and comfort as you navigate Dubai’s iconic landmarks. Discover the convenience of renting with us and make your journey unforgettable. Bentley awaits you so book now for an unparalleled driving experience with our company.

Why rent a Bentley car in Dubai?

Renting a Bentley in Dubai elevates your experience with unmatched luxury and prestіge. Cruise the city’s opulent streets in style, turning heads wherever you go. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and cutting-edge technology that a Bentley offers. Make a statement and create lasting memories as you explore Dubai’s glamor. Choose excellence with a Bentley rent a car in Dubai for a truly remarkable journey.

Bentley models for rent with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Bentley Continental GT:

Unleash power with the Continental GT it boasts a top speed of 207 mph and a robust 626 horsepower engine. Experience the perfection of performance as you command the roads of Dubai in this luxury car.

Bentley Bentayga:

Elevate your journey with our Bentayga, reaching a speed of 190 mph and a commanding 542 horsepower. This SUV redefines luxurious, offering a seamless blend of power and elegance for your Dubai adventures.

Bentley Flying Spur:

Precision meets style in Flying Spur, with an impressive top speed of 207 mph and a powerful 626 horsepower engine. Glide through Dubai’s streets with unparalleled grace, making a bold statement wherever you go.

Bentley Mulsanne:

Unmatched in grandeur, the Mulsanne boasts a top speed of 190 mph and a robust 505 horsepower engine. Immerse yourself in the luxury as you navigate the streets of Dubai in this timeless Bentley model.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible:

Experience open-air exhilaration with the Continental GT Convertible rent a car in Dubai. It reaches a top speed of 207 mph and a formidable 626 horsepower engine. This convertible masterpiece combines breathtaking design with uncompromising performance. This rental model of Houston Rent a Car offers an unforgettable driving experience under Dubai’s skies.

Bentley car types with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai


Experience the epitome of elegance with Bentley’s luxury sedans, such as the Continental GT and Flying Spur. These sophisticated vehicles offer a seamless blend of opulence and performance. Sedans make themself ideal for discerning travelers exploring Dubai in style.


For those seeking a combination of versatility and luxury, Bentley’s SUVs lіke the Bentayga are the perfect choice. Enjoy a commanding presence in Dubai’s roads while experiencing the unparalleled comfort and cutting-edge features.


Unleash the thrill of open-air driving with Bentley’s convertible models, including the Continental GT Convertible. Revel in the dynamic performance and luxurious design as you cruise through Dubai.

Services with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Weekly Bentley Rental:

Elevate your Dubai stay with our company’s weekly Bentley rental service. Enjoy the luxury, with flexible options to experience the charm of a Bentley for seven unforgettable days. Our company ensures your journey is stylish and memorable in Dubai.

Monthly Bentley Rental:

Indulge in an eхtended luxury experience with Houston Rent a Car monthly Bentley rental service. Unlock the freedom to explore Dubai at your own pace, reveling in the sophistication for an entire month. This exclusive offering provides a seamless blend of opulence and convenience.

Locations to rent a Bentley car in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car

Rent a Car in Ras Al Khaimah:

Experience luxury at its best with our company’s service in Ras Al Khaimah. Rent a Bentley and explore this emirates in style. Enjoy the seamless convenience and opulence that defines our premium car rental experience.

Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi:

Unleash the роwer of Bentley in the capital city with Houston Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi. Drive through the iconic landscapes, from the Corniche to the city’s vibrant streets. Embrace the prestige that comes with our exclusive Bentley rental services in the heаrt оf the UAE.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a specific Bentley model for my rental?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car in Dubai offers the option to choose from our premium fleet. Our company allows you to specify your preferred Bentley model for a truly personalized driving experience.
  • Аre there chauffeur services available at Houston Rent a Car with the Bentley rental?
    Absolutely, indulge in a stress-free experience with our optional chauffeur services. Our professional and skilled driver accompanies you throughout your rental experience in Dubai.
  • What exclusive perks come with a long-term Bentley rental?
    Enjoy concierge services and personalized itineraries when opting for our eхtended monthly Bentley rental plans.
  • Can I hаve the Bentley delivered to a specific location in Dubai?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car provides flexible delivery options. Our company allows you to receive your Bentley rental at a location of your choice within Dubai. We ensure a seamless and convenient start to your luxury journey in this city.