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Mercedes Rentals


Mercedes Rent a car in Dubai 

Explore luxury with Mercedes rent a car in Dubai through Houston Rent a Car. Cruise the vibrant streets in style with our sleek and top-notch Mercedes fleet. Unleash the thrill of driving a world-class car without the commitment. Experience opulence, comfort, and prestige as you navigate Dubai’s wonders. Elevate your journey with Houston Rent a Car today!

Why rent Mercedes cars in Dubai?

Rental Mercedes in Dubai adds glam to your trip. Enjoy the city’s opulence, cruise in comfort, and turn heads with style. Feel the luxury without the long-term commitment. Mercedes cars provide a smooth, classy ride, perfect for exploring Dubai’s iconic attractions. Elevate your experience and make memories in a premium vehicle, available for rent with ease.

Mercedes rental models with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Mercedes C300:

Experience elegance with the C300 which boasts a speed of 155 mph and a powerful 255 horsepower. This rental compact luxury sedan ensures a smooth and stylish ride through Dubai’s bustling streets. It blends performance and sophistication seamlessly on the roads of this vibrant city..

Mercedes E-Class:

The E-Class, reaching speeds up to 130 mph, combines cutting-edge technology and refined design. With 362 horsepower under the hood, this sedan promises a thrilling yet comfortable journey. Our this rental model makes it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and performance.

Mercedes GLE 450:

Unleash power with the GLE 450 which features a top speed of 155 mph and 362 horsepower engine. This SUV seamlessly combines versatility and sportiness, ensuring a dynamic driving in Dubai’s diverse terrains.

Mercedes S560 Coupe:

Elevate your drive with the S560 Coupe from Houston Rent a Car. It reaches an impressive 155 mph and boasted a robust 463 horsepower engine. This luxury coupe embodies sophistication, offering a blend of high-performance and exquisite design.

Mercedes AMG GT:

For the thrill-seekers our company offers AMG GT for rent. It roars with a top speed of 194 mph and an astonishing 469 horsepower. This sports car is a true powerhouse, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. It captures the speed and style in Dubai’s open roads.

Mercedes car types to rent in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car


Immerse yourself in comfort and style with Mercedes luxury sedans from Houston Rent a Car. Sedan fleet includes the C-Class and E-Class, perfect for a sophisticated city drive in Dubai.


Experience versatility and spaciousness with Mercedes SUVs lіke the GLE. It provides a combination of luxury and capability for your Dubai adventures.

Sports Cars:

Indulge in the thrill of high-performance driving with Mercedes sports cars lіke the AMG GT. This rental model delivers an exhilarating experience on Dubai’s open roads.

Services when rent Mercedes car with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Weekly Rental Service:

Experience flexibility with our weekly Mercedes rent a car in Dubai service in Dubai. Enjoy the luxury of a Mercedes for short-term needs, ensuring a stylish ride throughout the week.

Monthly Rental Service:

Elevate your Dubai stay with Houston Rent a Car monthly Mercedes car rental option. Unleash the convenience of a long-term rental, providing you with a prestigious. Our company offers a reliable vehicle for an eхtended period, blending performance.

Benefits when rent Mercedes in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car

Luxury Redefined:

Experience the epitome of opulence with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. Enjoy the prestige of driving a Mercedes, synonymous with unrivaled luxury and sophistication.

Flexible Rental Plans:

Tailor your experience with flexible weekly and monthly rental options. Our company allows you to choose the duration that best suits your travel needs and preferences.

Top-notch Performance:

Revel in the seamless blend of power and precision as you navigate Dubai’s streets. Our Mercedes rent a car in Dubai ensures a thrilling and dynamic driving experience.

Complimentary Maintenance:

Enjoy worry-free journeys with complimentary maintenance services included in your rental, Our company ensures that your Mercedes remains in peak condition throughout your stay in Dubai.

24/7 Customer Support:

Experience unparalleled support with our round-the-clock customer service. Our team provides assistance whenever you need it during your Mercedes rental in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize my Mercedes rental with unique features at Houston Rent a Car?
    Absolutely, we offer customization options to enhance your experience, from in-car amenities to tailored packages.
  • Are chauffeur services available at Houston Rent a Carwith Mercedes rentals?
    Yes, we provide professional chauffeurs to elevate your Dubai journey. Our company ensures a seamless and indulgent travel experience.
  • What safety measures are in place for Mercedes rentals at Houston Rent a Car?
    Our Mercedes fleet undergoes rigorous safety checks and rentals include advanced safety features. Houston Rent a Car prioritizes your security on the road.
  • Can I switch between Mercedes models during a long-term rental?
    Certainly, our flexible long-term rentals allow you to switch between different Mercedes models. Houston Rent a Car provides variety and adaptability to your preferences.