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Ferrari Rentals


Ferrari Rent a car in Dubai

Experience luxury with Ferrari rent a car in Dubai through Houston Rent a Car. Discover the thrill of driving a high-end sports car while exploring the stunning cityscape. Our fleet boasts top-notch Ferraris, ensuring a stylish and unforgettable ride. Enjoy the ultimate driving experience with our company’s hassle-free rental process and customer service.

Why rent a Ferrari car in Dubai?

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai brings unmatched excitement and glamor to your journey. Feel the thrill of driving a powerful sports car through the city’s picturesque landscapes. Elevate your experience with luxury and style, turning heads wherever you go. Explore Dubai in the epitome of sophistication with a Ferrari rental from Houston Rent a Car.

Top ferrari rental models with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Ferrari 488 GTB:

Our rental Ferrari 488 GTB, known for its jaw-dropping speed. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. This sleek model offers a thrilling ride with a comfortable two-seater setup. It makes itself an ideal choice for those seeking pure driving exhilaration.

Ferrari Portofino:

Cruise in luxury with our Ferrari Portofino, boasting a top speed of 199 mph. This convertible beauty not only provides a dynamic driving but also accommodates two passengers. It allows you to enjoy the wind in your hair while exploring Dubai’s scenic landscapes.

Ferrari 812 Superfast:

Ferrari 812 Superfast rental with Houston Rent a Car offers reputation with a remarkable speed of 211 mph. As a two-seater marvel, it combines speed and comfort seamlessly. It offers an unforgettable journey through the vibrant streets of Dubai.

Ferrari F8 Tributo:

The Ferrari F8 Tributo, capable of reaching speeds up to 211 mph. This Ferrari rent a car in Dubai model is a testament to precision engineering. This high-performance model accommodates two passengers. It ensures an adrenaline-pumping experience as you navigate Dubai’s roads in style.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso:

Versatility meets sрeed in the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, reaching a top speed of 208 mph. With its four-seater capacity, this grand tourer offers a unique blend of power and comfort. It makes it perfect for both thrilling rides and leisurely drives through Dubai’s diverse landscapes.

Types of Ferrari cars for rent with Houston Rent a Car

Sports Cars:

Experience the thrill of Ferrari’s iconic sports cars, known for their agile handling and high-performance capabilities. Perfect for those who crave speed and excitement during their Dubai аdventures.

Convertible Cars:

Enjoy the open-air freedom with Ferrari’s convertible models. These cars provide a perfect blend of style and exhilarating driving experience. These cars allow you to soak in the breathtaking views of Dubai with the top down.


Explore Dubai with a touch of versatility by opting for a Ferrari SUV. These powerful and spacious vehicles provide a blend of performance and practicality.


For those who prefer a more refined driving experience, Ferrari’s luxury sedans are an excellent choice. Renting a Ferrari sedan in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car offers a perfect combination of sophistication and comfort.


Unparalleled Performance:

Experience the unmatched power and precision of Ferrari’s high-performance cars. Our company ensures an exhilarating and unforgettable drive through the dynamic streets of Dubai.

Stylish Luxury:

Enjoy the sophistication with Houston Rent a Car, where renting a Ferrari in Dubai guarantees a stylish journey.

Flexible Rental Options:

Benefit from flexible daily and weekly rental options, allowing you to tailor your Ferrari experience in Dubai according to your schedule and preferences.


Daily Rentals:

Experience luxury daily with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. Enjoy the thrill of a Ferrari for a day, with flexible daily rental options. Our service is designed for those seeking a taste of high-performance driving without long-term commitments.

Weekly Rentals:

Elevate your Dubai stay with weekly Ferrari rentals from Houston Rent a Car. Our exclusive weekly packages offer eхtended enjoyment. Our company provides convenience for those seeking a longer driving experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are chauffeur services available with Ferrari rentals at Houston Rent a Car?
    Absolutely, elevate your experience with professional chauffeur services. Our company allows you to relax and enjoy the journey while exploring Dubai in style.
  • Can I switch between Ferrari models during my rental period?
    Yes, experience variety by switching between available Ferrari models. It adds a touch of excitement to your car rental with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai.
  • Is international driving experience accepted for Ferrari rentals in Dubai at Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, we accept international driving experience, providing an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the thrill of driving a Ferrari.
  • Can I extend my rental period on short notice with Houston Rent a Car?
    Subject to availability, we offer flexibility for extending your Ferrari rental. Our company allows you to prolong your luxury experience with ease in Dubai.
  • Do rental Ferraris come with GPS navigation systems from Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, all our Ferraris are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS navigation systems. Our company ensures you can navigate Dubai effortlessly and explore the city with confidence.