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Abu Dhabi Rent a Car

Rent a car Abu Dhabi

Explore Abu Dhabi effortlessly with Houston Rent a Car. Discover the convenience of renting a car at our Abu Dhabi location. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, our reliable service ensures a smooth journey. From sedan to spacious SUVs, find the perfect ride for your аdventure. Experience Abu Dhabi with comfort and style!

Why Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi?

Rent a car in Abu Dhabi for total freedom and comfort. No waiting for public transport, go where you want and when you want. Enjoy the flexibility to explore attractions at your pace. With Houston Rent a Car, convenient and affordable options await. Make the most of your Abu Dhabi trip with hassle-free transportation!

Rent a car Abu Dhabi models with Houston Rent a Car 

Audi A4:

Experience luxury with the Audi A4 from Houston Rent a Car. This sleek model boasts a powerful engine, delivering a robust performance with its impressive horsepower. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride as you explore Abu Dhabi in style.

Kia Sportage:

Opt for the Kia Sportage for a dynamic driving experience in Abu Dhabi. This compact SUV from our company combines modern design with efficient features, ensuring a comfortable journey. Its horsepower adds an extra punch to your road adventures.

Hyundai Sonata:

Cruise through Abu Dhabi in the Hyundai Sonata from Houston Rent a Car. This sedan offers a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency. With its reliable horsepower, you’ll enjoy a responsive and enjoyable drive. It makes your exploration of the city seamless and enjoyable.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class:

Unleash the роwer оf the Mercedes-Benz C-Class from Houston Rent a Car. This luxurious model features top-notch amenities and a commanding horsepower. Revel in the sophistication of Mercedes-Benz as you navigate Abu Dhabi with unparalleled comfort.

Land Rover Discovery:

For off-road enthusiasts, the Land Rover Discovery from our company in Abu Dhabi is the ultimate choice. This our rental car with rugged capabilities with a high horsepower engine, ensuring a thrilling adventure in Abu Dhabi’s diverse terrains. Embark on a journey of exploration and luxury with Land Rover.

Car types for Rent a car Abu Dhabi with Houston Rent a Car


Experience versatility and ample space with SUVs offered by Houston Rent a Car Dubai. Ideal for families or groups, these vehicles ensure a comfortable journey with added cargo space. SUVs make themself perfect for both city and off-road adventures in Abu Dhabi.


Elevate your travel experience in Abu Dhabi with a luxury sedan from our company. Enjoy premium features, elegant interiors, and a smooth ride as you explore the city in style. Perfect for business trips or those seeking a touch of sophistication.

Convertible Cars: 

Experience Abu Dhabi’s scenic beauty in a convertible car from Houston Rent a Car. Feel the breeze and soak in the sun as you drive through the city in convertible cars. Perfect for those who want a touch of open-air driving experience during their visit in Abu Dhabi.


Daily Car Rental:

Experience flexibility with Houston Rent a Car daily rent a car in Abu Dhabi service. Choose from a diverse fleet and enjoy a hassle-free day of exploration. Our Company ensures convenience and comfort throughout your short-term journey.

Monthly Car Rental:

Unlock long-term convenience with Houston Rent a Car monthly rental service in Abu Dhabi. Benefit from cost-effective solutions and a wide range of vehicles. We provide you with a reliable mode of transportation for your eхtended stay in the city.

Conditions to rent a car Abu Dhabi with Houston Rent a Car

Age Requirement: 

To rent a car in Abu Dhabi with Houston Rent a Car, drivers must be at least 23 years old, with a valid driver’s license.

Insurance Coverage: 

Renters must provide proof of insurance coverage or can opt for Houston Rent a Car rental insurance options. It ensures financial protection in case of unforeseen events during the rental period.

Payment Method: 

Accepted payment methods for renting a car in Abu Dhabi with Houston Rent a Car include credit cards. Cash payments or other forms of payment may not be accepted. Our company ensures a secure and streamlined payment process for peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize my rental duration with Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi offers flexible rental durations. Our company allows you to tailor car rental to suit your specific needs.
  • Does Houston Rent a Car provide luxury electric vehicles?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi offers a premium fleet, including high-end electric vehicles. Our company provides an eco-friendly and luxurious driving experience in Abu Dhabi.
  • What unique services are included with Houston Rent a Car?
    Enjoy complimentary services such as 24/7 roadside assistance. Our company ensures peace of mind during your rental period with Houston Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi.
  • Are off-road vehicles available for rent with Houston Rent a Car?
    Yes, Houston Rent a Car provides off-road vehicles. Our company allows you to explore Abu Dhabi's diverse terrains with rugged and reliable transportation options.