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Daily Car Rental

AED 79 /day

AED 2299 /mo.

AED 69 /day

AED 2070 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1470 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1470 /mo.

AED 49 /day

AED 1490 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

AED 39 /day

AED 1170 /mo.

Daily Car Rental

Explore hassle-free with Houston Rent a Car and enjoy the convenience of rent a car in Dubai for your daily adventures. Discover the city at your pace, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems. Our user-friendly service makes renting a car easy for customers. Experience the freedom of the road with our company, your go-to choice for daily car rental in Dubai.

Daily car rental brands with Houston Rent a Car in Dubai

Audi: Cruise through Dubai in an Audi from our company, boasting sleek design and cutting-edge technology. Feel the power with speeds up to 150 km/h and experience the road with Audi’s impressive horsepower.

Bentley: Elevate your journey with a Bentley from Houston Rent a Car in Dubai on daily basis. Luxurious and refined, this brand offers a top speed of 200 km/h. It is also accompanied by an impressive horsepower for a smooth and powerful ride in Dubai.

Mercedes: Drive in style with our Mercedes daily rental from our company. Enjoy speeds up to 180 km/h and the renowned Mercedes horsepower. Our company ensures a comfortable and prestigious experience as you explore Dubai.

Ferrari: Experience the thrill of a Ferrari rental from Houston Rent a Car in Dubai. Unleash the роwer with breathtaking speeds reaching up to 300 km/h that defines the essence of Ferrari’s performance.

BMW: Navigate the streets of Dubai with a BMW daily rental from Houston Rent a Car. Offering a perfect blend of luxury and performance, BMW cars provide speeds up to 220 km/h. Its robust horsepower makes every drive a memorable experience in Dubai.

Locations for Daily car rental in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car

Rent a Car Ras Al Khaimah:

Discover Ras Al Khaimah with our company’s convenient daily rental services. Whether exploring historical sites or coastline, our Ras Al Khaimah location provides easy access to reliable transportation.

Rent a Car Ajman:

Cruise through Ajman’s charm with Houston Rent a Car daily rent a car services. Our Ajman rental location ensures a hassle-free experience in Dubai. Our company allows you to explore the city’s attractions and vibrant culture at your own pace.

Car Types for Daily car rental in Dubai with Houston Rent a Car


For a balance of style and practicality, choose from our range of sedans available for daily rental. Houston Rent a Car provides spacious sedans, perfect for city exploration or business meetings in Dubai.


Explore Dubai’s diverse terrain with the versatility of an SUV from Houston Rent a Car. Whether heading to the desert or navigating city streets, our SUV rentals offer ample space for your daily аdventures.

Luxury Cars:

Elevate your experience in Dubai with a touch of luxury. Houston Rent a Car provides a selection of high-end cars and ensures a stylish daily rental experience in the city.

Why Daily Rent a Car in Dubai?

Daily car rental in Dubai offers flexibility and freedom for car lovers. Explore the city on your own terms, visit attractions, and navigate conveniently. Skip the hassle of public transport and travel at your pace. Houston Rent a Car provides a simple solution for your daily transportation needs. Our company ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your stay in Dubai.

Flexible Options: Houston Rent a Car offers daily rent a car in Dubai with flexible options. Our company allows you to choose the perfect vehicle for your needs. From compact cars to luxury models, enjoy the freedom to tailor your transportation to match your plans.

Convenient Booking Process: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our company’s easy and efficient booking process. Reserve your daily rental online or through our user-friendly app. We ensure a seamless and convenient start to your exploration of Dubai.

Affordable Pricing: Experience affordability with our competitive pricing for daily rentals in Dubai. Enjoy transparent and cost-effective rates, allowing you to maximize your budget. We allow you to enjoy the convenience of a reliable rental car during your stay in the city.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a variety of colors within each car category. Our company allows you to select your preferred shade for a personalized experience.

Yes, one-way rentals are possible, providing flexibility. You can return the car to a different Houston Rent a Car location for your convenience.

Our luxury car rentals come equipped with advanced features like premium audio systems. Our rental cars also offer navigation and enhanced comfort amenities for a luxurious driving experience in Dubai.

Yes, we offer exclusive discounts and loyalty programs for our valued customers who choose Houston Rent a Car for their daily rental needs in Dubai.